Question: Is delivery available?
Answer: Yes, delivery can be arranged in the Charlotte area for a delivery fee. Games that are put on hold do require an upfront deposit.  Small items are shipped via UPS, while larger items are shipped via Pilot Air Freight.

Question: What is a "Multi-Game"?
Answer: A Multi-Game is an arcade video game that currently contains up to 60 classic video games in ONE cabinet. Games include Pac-Man, Frogger, Galaga, Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Dig-Dug, Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, Phoenix, Gyruss, Time Pilot, Galaxian, and many more!  They are available in 3 different sizes: Full-size (normal Arcade size), the Table-top "Cocktail" (2-player sit-down) model, or a Mini-Arcade size (for those tight smaller spaces). Many people prefer Multi-Games, over conventional arcade video games, because they offer dozens of games in your gameroom, without sacrificing the space needed to house all 60 classic games.

Question: What do I do if the game breaks?
Answer: Most games rarely break. If you do have trouble, you may call our service department, and we can assist you with any minor issues.  For more complex problems, (within 50 miles of Charlotte, NC), we can come out to your location.  (A service call fee and/or a transportation fee may apply). 

Question: Do you lease games? 
Answer: Yes!  Arcade machines are available for your business (50/50 split).  For specific details, please call us at 704-904-1512, or via email at:

Question: Do you have pinball machines?
Answer: Yes.  We have lots of reconditioned pinball machines for sale!  We have everything, from "Addams Family" to "Xenon".  We even have skeeball, baseball, and bowling machines!  Please call us at 704-904-1512, or via email at:, for pricing and availability.

Question: Do you repair or restore games, jukeboxes, etc?
Answer: Absolutely.  Our service department is extremely knowledgeable, and thorough.  At times, the game, jukebox, or other item, in need of repair or restoration, may need to visit our shop for servicing.  If so, a service call fee and/or a transportation fee may apply.  For service please call us at 704-904-1512, or via email at:

Question: Can you get a game that I request?
Answer: We can usually find just about all of the games and/or items that our customers ask for.  It's easy!  You can place your order with our sales department by calling 704-904-1512, or you may contact them via email at:  (Along with each game order we receive, a non-refundable deposit may be required).  Depending on the availability of a game or item, some items may take longer to receive than others.

Question: Do you give a discount for buying multiple games, etc?
Answer: Yes!  Please contact our sales department at 704-904-1512, or via email at, for information regarding bulk discounts.  

Question: Do your games come with a warranty?
Answer: Please contact our sales department at 704-904-1512, or via email at:, for detailed warranty information.

Question: Do you have a showroom?
Answer: Yes!  Our showroom is located at Trader Marc's Flea and Farmer's Market, in the Baxter community, in Fort Mill, SC.  We are open to the public on Saturday's and Sunday'sDuring the week, our showroom is available by appointment ONLY.  We also may have games available at our shop's location in Pineville, NC (near Ballantyne).  Call us today at 704-904-1512, or contact us via email at: to schedule an appointment, or if you have ANY other questions. 

The games I bought were great additions to my gameroom! 
--Diana Ely

I was VERY impressed with the condition of my Rockola 1448 Jukebox that I purchased from Retro Gamerooms.  Thank you!!!
--Jon Coté

Retro Gamerooms' price on a full-size Ms. Pac-Man was 50% less than all of the other places I checked!  It even came with a warranty!
--Christopher Scott
What's NEW?

(60-in-one) Multi-Games are NOW AVAILABLE!
Call For Details.

RETRO GAMEROOMS is moving to our NEW location in Baxter: Trader Marc's Flea and Farmer's Market (Fort Mill, SC).

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