From time to time, we at Retro Gamerooms, obtain some truely unique pieces of history.  These nostalgic items can include:  Coca-Cola machines, jukebox wallboxes, stop lights, gumball machines, vinyl records, and much more! 

Please call us at 704-904-1512, or via email at:, for pricing and availability.

Coca-Cola Vendo 56 Model
The games I bought were great additions to my gameroom! 
--Diana Ely

I was VERY impressed with the condition of my Rockola 1448 Jukebox that I purchased from Retro Gamerooms.  Thank you!!!
--Jon Coté

Retro Gamerooms' price on a full-size Ms. Pac-Man was 50% less than all of the other places I checked!  It even came with a warranty!
--Christopher Scott
What's NEW?

(60-in-one) Multi-Games are NOW AVAILABLE!
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4-Way Traffic Light
Bubble Gum Machine