Retro Gamerooms has sold a lot of gameroom accessories to our customers across both North and South Carolina, over the past 32 years.  Below is just a tiny sample of some of the items that have sold, since we've been in business. 


Multicade (60-In-One) Multi-Game
The games I bought were great additions to my gameroom! 
--Diana Ely

I was VERY impressed with the condition of my Rockola 1448 Jukebox that I purchased from Retro Gamerooms.  Thank you!!!
--Jon Coté

Retro Gamerooms' price on a full-size Ms. Pac-Man was 50% less than all of the other places I checked!  It even came with a warranty!
--Christopher Scott
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(60-in-one) Multi-Games are NOW AVAILABLE!
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United Pitch N Bat
United Pitch N Bat
Donkey Kong
Multicade (60-In-One) Multi-Game (2 Player Sit-Down)
Off Road and Galaga
Tapper, Frogger, and Star Wars
Seeburg V220
Wurlitzer 1100
Electronic Darts
Assorted Pinball Machines
Revenge From Mars, Addams Family, Theatre Of Magic, Twilight Zone, and Slugfest
Golden Tee, Mortal Kombat 4, and Star Wars
Addams Family, Theatre Of Magic, Twilight Zone, Slugfest, and More
Assorted Arcade Video Games
Ms. Pac-Man Control Panel (2 Player Sit-Down)
No Good Gophers
Skee-Ball, Monster Bash, Slugfest, and Addams Family
Le Mans 24 (2 Player Sit -Down)
Slugfest and Golden Tee
Wurlitzer 1015
Sharp TF-777
Assorted Games and Signs
Dance Dance Revolution Solo
Michelob Light Neon
Lethal Weapon 3
Lethal Weapon 3
Seeburg Model C
Seeburg Model C
Ms. Pac-Man
Theatre Of Magic
Ms. Pac-Man (2 Player Sit-Down)
Vintage Bowling Machine, Tron (Sit-Down), and Assorted Slot Machines
Harley-Davidson (2 Player Sit-Down)
Mata Hari and High-Speed
Ms. Pac-Man
Wurlitzer 1015
Crusin' USA
NSM Performer Grand
Frankenstein, X's and O's, and Addams Family
Frankenstein, X's and O's, and Addams Family
Gauntlet Legends, Golden Tee, and Pac-Man
Old Jukeboxes and Soda Machines
United Puck Bowler
Assorted Slot Machines
Assorted Video Games
Galaga (Mini), Tempest, and More
Crusin' USA
Slugfest, FunHouse, and Golden Tee
Multi-Arcade Multi-Game
Donkey Kong
Multi-Arcade Multi-Game and Rush The Rock (2 Player Sit-Down)
Magic Bar Slot Machine
Rowe/AMI CD Jukebox
NFL Blitz and Mortal Kombat 3
Assorted Arcade Machines
Lethal Weapon 3, Hurricane, and Slugfest
Assorted Arcade Machines
Ms. Pac-Man, Multi-Arcade Multi-Game, and Rock-Ola Regis
Terminator 2, Monopoly, and No Fear
Hydro Thunder (2 Player Sit-Down)
Hydro Thunder (2 Player Sit-Down)
Gottleib Stock Car Pinball Machine
Multi-Game (2 Player Sit-Down)
PGA Tournament Edition
United Puck Bowler
GE Antique Ice Box
Ms. Pac-Man and Maneater
Mortal Kombat 4, Ms. Pac-Man, Maneater
Twilight Zone and Johnny Mnemonic
Assorted Arcade Machines
Rock-Ola Princess Deluxe
Megatouch Bar Top (Touchscreen)